bowen-picture Bowen Therapy

Developed by Thomas Ambrose Bowen, in Australia, Bowen therapy is a unique remedial therapy that has spread worldwide and has been used in the United States over 50 years.

Bowen helps the body remember how to heal through its stimulation of the proprioceptors. These sense organs used for balance movement send messages to the nervous system and remind the body to regain normal movement in  joints, muscles, and tendons.

Bowen can restore correct muscle tone in the affected areas of the body with immediate responses of pain reduction, general muscular relaxation, and deeper, slower breathing.

Bowen strongly affects the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for stress reactions such as the “fight or flight” response. Muscle tension decreases and nerve hypersensitivity is reduced.

Another benefit:  lymph flow is increased, feeding starved tissue and reducing inflammation. Clients feel shifts in their bodies during and after sessions while the autonomic system comes back into balance.

After an injury, spasm and inflammation many times remain long after and become the problem. Bowen can directly relieve these symptoms through reducing sympathetically maintained muscle contraction and increased blood and lymph flow.

While there are often immediate positive results, they are just as likely to unfold over a longer period of a few days to a week. Patterns of dysfunction that have arisen over time may take time to be replaced with new, healthy patterns. Bowen can restore patterns of normal function within 3-4 sessions with 3-8 being an ordinary treatment protocol. Bowen Technique acts as a dynamic catalyst for healing.

Bowen Technique complements and amplifies other healthcare modalities, but as in computers, too many commands can overwhelm the program that is running, over stimulating the body can distract it from responding fully to its new recovery program. Bowen is best used in a rotation with other modalities.