Healthy Weight Loss – A New Approach

Feel Good – Look Good – Lose Weight Effectively

Weight loss is not about crash dieting, but a balanced, maintainable approach to a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, along with learning how to make healthy choices.  Our certified nutritionists provide you with the knowledge and support necessary to achieve your wellness goals and live a healthy life. You will learn a whole new approach to food for optimal weight loss.

We take time to listen and provide you with personal attention, outlining a plan for your specific needs, while answering your questions and concerns.  Then we monitor your progress to ensure your success.

One feature of our program available to clients is our wellness coach who will support you and provide motivation techniques to help you develop new lifestyle habi

You will learn about healthy eating, whole foods and organic foods with menu plans and recipes created just for you.  Maintaining an alkaline environment in the body is a part of optimal health.  Detoxification is another piece of the program that will assist the body in weight loss by releasing toxins from the fat cells.