About IWC

Welcome to Integrative Wellness Center, where our personalized approach takes wellness to a whole new level.

An exciting and effective natural wellness center, we believe in a holistic (whole-person) approach to wellness.  

We invite you to experience for yourself the unique services provided by committed holistic care practitioners.

With our busy schedules in today’s hectic world we believe you will appreciate the convenience of having all these services in one convenient location.

Whether you are looking to overcome physical pain, manage and possibly reverse a chronic condition more naturally, set up a nutrition plan and create lifestyle changes, smooth out life’s stressful situations, gain direction, focus and motivation to improve your life, or you simply want to treat yourself to a relaxing experience, come in and you will feel the transformation process begin.

From the moment you enter our wellness center, you will feel relaxed and peaceful.  The soft music, beautiful colors and caring professionals make for a pleasant impression on your mind, body and spirit, as a feeling of welcome surrounds you.  Experience for yourself what our clients tell us; they feel right at home.

Integrative Wellness Center is not a medical center. We leave the diagnosing, treating, and prescribing of medical treatments to those licensed to do so.

It is our goal to bring the body into balance with holistic protocols and lifestyle choices, which empowers each individual and allows the body to heal itself and maintain the best health possible.

Peruse our website to discover ways we can help you feel your best.  We welcome you to contact us for further information that will help you achieve your wellness goals and enhance your quality of life.