Integrative Wellness Center (Shelley)

This has been a year of phenomenal changes in my life.  I want to thank everyone at Integrative Wellness Center for making those positive changes possible.  I was very concerned about my overall health and my hormones were out of balance, and eventually other health problems set in, including pain and inflammation.  I went to my OB-GYN and she found cysts and fibroids on my ovaries and uterus and offered me several drugs for the pain.  My hormone imbalance was causing me emotional ups and downs and taking a toll of my family.  I had difficulty working and maintaining relationships with people that were close to me.   I went many places and spent a lot of money trying to regain my health.  All anyone offered me was bio-identical hormones or other toxic prescription hormones.  Feeling disappointed and ready to give up, a friend told me about Integrative Wellness Center and how they helped her get her life back.

I immediately called for an appointment and your staff made me feel welcome and hopeful.  I was relieved to find out you only use natural, safe products to balance hormones.  After following your protocol for only a few weeks I began to feel more calm and balanced.  Your follow up calls and checking in on me helped me to stay on track and feel hopeful.  After a few months I am a new person.  My family is thankful to have me back again and I look foward to work and being with my friends again.

I am thankful I found you and gave it one more try and I will be sending my friends to your office.  Your professional and informed staff gave me the education to make the changes I need to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Robin Weatherby,  Sacramento, CA

Dear Shelley

I want to personally thank you for all that you have done for me and my health issues over the past two years.  The professional staff at Integrative Wellness Center are a blessing to all of us that are fortunate enough to have found the variety of treatments you offer.

My first thermography in August 2008 and again in May 2009 gave me much concern and anxiety because of the abnormal vascular readings in both breasts.  After following your recommended protocols and taking your high quality nutritional supplements, my subsequent thermography in December 2009 showed much improvement in the vascular images.

Thanks to your compassion, dedication, extensive knowledge, and commitment to alternative health care, you have given me guidance to a path toward enhanced lifelong personal health.

With sincerest appreciation,

Kathleen Appel


“I am very grateful to the people at Integrative Wellness Center. They have shown me a way of life that brings me better health.  Before getting a breast thermogram at Integrative Wellness Center, in March 2009, my health was not good, but I did not know what to do about it.  Daily I had headaches, felt tired and sluggish, had joint pain, especially in my knees, and my body felt inflamed and hot inside. I had intense hot flashes (though I am 66 years old and should be done with those), insomnia, depression, anxiety and just did not feel well. I got a thermogram because my doctor kept asking me to get a mammogram and becasue they are very painful for me, as I have dense breasts, I chose the thermogram.

Integrative Wellness Center offered a protocol of diet and therapies that would detox my body, build my immune system, balance my hormones and allow my body to heal itself. I knew this was the right protocol for me.  I had no idea that giving up a few things would affect my body so profoundly. I started feeling better immediately. I got off of high blood pressure meds right away. It is now December 2009, and I am so much better in many ways.  No longer do I have the daily headaches and joint pain. I walk daily and exercise and stretch. I have much more energy and feel good most of the time. I am much better than I was and I know this is not an overnight process. My sleep is better and the inflammation is much less than in the past.  I am so glad to have had this experience because I have been shown a brand new lifestyle that means better health for me.

I plan to continue eating good and juicing as I feel so much more energy and better overall health.  I also plan to continue the therapies offered at Integrative Wellness Center.  I know I am on the road to regeneration and optimal health.  Again, I am full of thankfulness and appreciation for the gift of health the people at Integrative Wellness Center have given me.  I would recommend this center to anyone!

Peggy Stinnett, Roseville, CA

“I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and chronic back pain.  Since coming to Integrative Wellness Center, not only has my sleep greatly improved, my back pain is 75% better, and I no longer need pain medication on a daily basis.  I can’t wait to find out what will improve next.”

– Susan C., R.N., Roseville, California


“I saw an ad in a local magazine stating that Integrative Wellness Center offered breast thermography.  I had been concerned about my breast health, knowing something was not right, yet mammograms and ultrasounds showed everything to be normal.  I decided to see if thermography could give me more information regarding my breast health.

The procedure was extremely easy and painless.  When I received the results of my breast thermography, it showed a high risk rating (a level 4 out of 5), indicating something may be forming in my breast.

I followed the protocol outlined for me at Integrative Wellness Center, and three months later I had another breast thermography screening.  My risk factor had gone from a high-risk to a below normal risk.  Thanks to Integrative Wellness and my willingness to change and commit to sticking with the protocol, I am healthy and continuing to live with gratitude for the gift that was given to me–early detection.”

-Marci Bridgeford, Rocklin, CA


“I came to Integrative Wellness Center two years ago after being diagnosed with heavy metals in my body.  I began the detoxification protocol, along with supplementation to restore my micronutrient deficiencies.  I also received help in strengthening my immune system in order to overcome the Candida in my body.

I am thankful and well on my way to a better quality of life and renewed health that will benefit me now and in the future.  I recommend the center to anyone seeking to improve their health and state of well being.  The practitioners are committed to their clients and their success in attaining optimal health.  Thank you again, Integrative Wellness Center.”

-Mary Anne M., Sacramento, CA