Angel of Water Animated Video

See how a colonic works in this short, modest and straightforward presentation.

Intestinal Characteristics and Lifestyle Related Diseases

I was introduced to this video several years ago when I first came into contact with alkaline ionized water. I am pleased to see it on YouTube and can share it’s important message. Dr Shinya invented the process of colonoscopy. He also is a proponent of a good diet and alkaline water. Check out this extraordinary journey through a few large intestines with before and after. If this is not motivational, I don’t know what is. I found a few related videos near this one, too. Some related to worms that were caught on video in the gut. This will be an eye-opener. Nancy Spahr

Colonoscopy Preparation Using Colon Hydrotherapy – Colonics

A Channel 8 News Report from Danbury Connecticut discusses a great alternative for the Gastroenterologist to use for preparing a patient for a colonoscopy. This method is considered easier and more comfortable then traditional methods involving several types of laxatives (such as Golytely® or Fleets Phospho-Soda®).